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Atlanding, founded in 2017, is a primary seafood processor of freshest, wild caught sea cucumbers located in Blacks Harbour New Brunswick, Canada.

We are a dedicated, focused team that has attracted and retained some of the best talent in our industry. They are driven, hands-on and passionate about every aspect of the operation.


Honesty, Reliability and Quality Sells Sea Cucumbers

Nathan Song saw great opportunity in buying and selling sea cucumbers.  When he started he didn’t understand them fully, but Nathan was gifted with a great relationship with Chinese clients in Canada and in China. Working with his trade relationships he was able to understand that the Atlantic Sea Cucumbers are such a delicacy for his many customers. 

Atlanding is a primary seafood processor of Fresh wild-caught Atlantic sea cucumbers. Our plant is a state of the art processing facilities and follow a very strict quality control measures approved by CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency).


High Nutrition and Medical Value


It is proven that Atlantic Sea Cucumbers are found to be very rich in

protein, polysaccharide, saponins, vitamins and trace elements. They are low in fat and no measure of cholesterol.

They also contain glycosaminoglycans, which have been shown to have immune boosting, and anti-aging benefits. Research shows sea cucumbers are not only anti-viral, anti-bacterial, but also can very effectively treat a wide variety of illness including gingivitis and gum disease, joint pain, arthritic pain, and even several cancers.

They also can mitigate the side effects of the cancer treatment and kill the cancer cells at the same time.

Due to the cold-water environment, Atlantic Sea Cucumbers require more years to grow, thus the beneficial substances accumulated in their bodies becomes significantly higher. The taste and texture become far better, too.

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